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There is a flawed assumption that management actually understands and appropriately governs the digital technologies they are deploying. This is really not the case.

- Dr Christina J. Colclough

The Why Not Lab

Equips workers and their unions with the right skills, know-how and know-what to ensure collective rights in the digital age;

Puts workers' interests centre stage in current and future digital policies

Work with us to champion a digital future of work that respects workers' collective rights. Check out our union toolscurrent projects and read who we are on our about page


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AKA "The Hub" this page is the center for our opinions, reflections and policies. Find practical inspiration for what alternative strategies we should pursue to empower workers. See some of our speeches here too!  


Digital tools are a means to an end. We co-developed WeClock, a privacy-preserving self-tracking app for workers and Lighthouse a guide to good data governance. 

Check out our union bargaining guides here too. 


Selected Projects

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Why work with us?

We are a boutique consultancy that believes in the abundance of opportunity as long as it is shared. In the digital world of work, technology must be governed collectively. We need to embrace dialogue to ensure that workplaces are inclusive, diverse and empowering for all. We need a future of Rewarding Work.

Here's what you can do - or get inspiration from our current projects.

  • Capacity build so tech can be governed collectively

  • Lead in your sector with confidence and concrete points of action

  • Learn how to co-govern algorithmic systems in workplaces. Apply our model! 

  • Find the gaps and negotiate for much stronger collective data rights for workers

  • Harness the power of new and emerging technologies

  • Create a new digital ethos that puts people and planet before everything else

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