This is the Hive - the place of buzzing, interconnected activity. Here at the Lab we listen to your needs. All tools, projects, reports and speeches are tailor-made to meet you where you are, disrupt and evolve. 

Engage with the Why Not Lab to form the future of work that puts people and planet before profit.

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The Hive

Workshops and training_Christina Colclough_Why Not Lab


Tailor-made workshops that aim to prepare you for the digital world of work.

For leaders, members and staff these workshops will help you shift perspective, and get ready for change!

Research_Christina Colclough_Why Not Lab


We can help situate your organisation's work in a digital context through written reports, audio/ visual material and more.

Combine with speeches and workshops for maximum benefit. 

future of work strategy_Christina Colclough_Why Not Lab


We can help you fine tune your organisation so it can culturally and strategically shape the digital world of work.

Use proven methods to help you define your future. Inspiration abounds! 

Tech for Good_Christina Colclough_Why Not Lab

Tools 4 Good

Digital tools are a means to an end. With your strategy in place, using responsible digital tools can help you achieve your goals.

See these two Why Not Lab tools:

WeClock & Lighthouse.


More are on their way!

Keynote speeches_Christina Colclough


If you are on the look out for a globally acclaimed keynote speaker always with a new angle or a twist, Christina is the one. All about the future of work, digitalisation, AI and data. 

Click here for a few of her speeches   

Podcasts_Christina Colclough_Why Not Lab


Let's talk it out!


Podcasts are a great way to share thoughts and ideas. Engage with your stakeholders when they have time. 

Get inspired by a few podcasts the Lab has been part of!

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