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A call for AI Governance

At the SNF Nostros conference 2021, we discussed how AI is reshaping economies and societies, but also how we connect, how we compete and how we cooperate. What does this mean for the future of work and the future society?

Here is the video of the panel - hear us discuss why AI regulation is urgently needed that have human rights at the core.

Featuring Dr Christina J. Colclough - The Why Not Lab, Nicolas Economou—Chair, Science, Law, and Society Initiative, The Future Society & Sinan Aral—Director, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) and Moderated by Dimitris Bounias — Project Manager Ideas Zone & Incubator, iMEdD

Full afternoon session video here

We discuss why AI trustworthiness is currently so weak. Why the Universal Basic Income is not a good idea. How one of our largest challenges is to upskill politicians so they understand what they are trying to regulate. Why managers and workers should co-govern these systems, put human rights first and put algorithmic technologies to good use.

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