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Anti-worker Facebook?

Facebook has ignored our calls for explanation and has brutally closed our Facebook page.


Tech for Good - a mission of mine. In a Lab I ran, we developed a self-tracking privacy-preserving tool for workers. It's called WeClock.

It's aimed at helping workers log and campaign on their modern conditions of work. No third party data access - no secret extractive data practices.

The data is the worker's until he or she chooses to share it with whom they want. Their union, their organiser. A campaign group.

Facebook A/B Testing

We ran the first round of Facebook A/B testing to find the name of the app: WeClock won above the other 4 suggestions we tested. The test reached people in 17 countries of all ages.

We were just about to launch our second round of testing - this time to see how we can reach our core audience. All set - ads made. We send them off to Facebook for review.

Here's a sneak peak at two of them:

And then what?

Facebook bans our page!!!

No pre-warning, no explanation other than a generic, probably bot-generated one. No chance to delete an ad, or correct it. A full and outright ban.

We reply and ask for an explanation. See our email to them and their reply back:

So now what?

It's time we kick up a fuss. WeClock is an open source, privacy-preserving tool built for workers, by workers. It's a tool to help to log, share, analyse and get the worker's stories told.

I cannot but help suspect that Facebook here is blocking us for being a worker empowering tool.

We will continue and follow up. In the meantime, please help us and retweet our messages.

Follow @weclockit and @cjcolclough on Twitter



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