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WeClock featured in Wired

'Worker Data Science' Can Teach Us How to Fix the Gig Economy

Written by Dr Karen Gregory on the background of the amazing conference she and her team put together Digital Worker Inquiry, this article in Wired is a great resource to get an idea of all the union and worker activism that is currently in place to support workers in their fight against poor and exploitative working conditions in the 'gig economy'.

It includes mention of our app WeClock, as well as a wealth of information about workers' data collectives, legal rights, practical experiences in collectivising data, algorithmic management and more!

The Why Not Lab is quoted too:

For Christina Colclough, the founder of the Why Not Lab, unions must specifically build capacity to understand the “ins and outs of data and algorithms” and develop their own teams of data analysts. As Colclough has argued, trade unions have a fundamental role to play in protecting workers’ collective digital rights. While digital inquiry tools may offer new forms of data, it is essential that these projects help build union strength, rather than fracture or privatize worker interests. Any long-term change that might be made possible through these tools will come through drawing unions into larger political conversations about data governance.

Read the full article as pdf here Data Science Can Teach Us How to Fix the Gig Economy
Download PDF • 2.98MB

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