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Digitalisation: A Union Action Guide

- For Public Services, Work and Workers

Written for the global union Public Services International, this report sets out the issues the public services unions face as public services and work become digitalised. The report provides a snapshot of the key digital developments and discussions within international organisations, political bodies and amongst leading experts that are relevant to the core political and thematic work of unions, particularly those with members in public services.

While it was written primarily for the affiliated unions of Public Services International, its core learnings and strategies have relevance for the wider labour movement.

Grouped under eleven different headings, the report offers a critical overview of topical priorities and selected literature. Throughout the report the focus is on 3 key areas:

  • the direct effects of digital technologies on public service workers

  • how the public sector can, and should, govern data and algorithmic systems to ensure Quality Public Services

  • how workers’ data rights and privacy rights must be improved through negotiating much stronger data rights.

Each section ends with a list of areas of exploration for unions. These recommendations seek to bridge the gaps, and empower unions and workers, but also public services as a whole as digitalisation is infused into public sector work.

Table of Contents

Read the full report on PSI's website:

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