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Human Rights Must be Upheld

Today I held my last intervention as Steering Committee member of the Global Partnership on AI - an intergovernmental cooperation counting 19 governments and the EU.

I was asked how GPAI could be developed, and offered three areas of utmost importance.

- Human Rights, Diversity and Commitment

I mentioned how Governments today are standing on the shoulders of giants, where world leaders at crucial moments in history dared commit to one another. I stressed that the world today needs the same level of commitment. That tech knows no boundaries and global regulation is needed.

On diversity that is key for GPAIs future, I asked for new structures and polices that would allow the voice of those subject to the harms and impacts of AI to be present. Also if they do not have the resources to volunteer their participation.

And, I added that the most pertinent issue is that of upholding Human Rights. How we can debate ethics, debate values, but we cannot debate human rights. That these rights should permiate all of GPAIs work.

And then some more.

See video recording

See the interventions by Co-Chair Baronnes Joanna Shields (excellent opening), Co-chair Jordan Zed, incoming SC member Dr Yoku Harayama and me here

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