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Keeping Work Human (podcast)

In this episode of the Pondering AI podcast by Kimberly Nevala, we get to cover many of the topics I find pertinent in our quest to reshape the digitalisation of work.

From tech determinism, to the value of human labour, what I call 'managerial fuzz', collective will, digital rights, and participatory AI deployment.

Hear us discuss the path of digital transformation and the self-sustaining narrative of tech determinism and why I think there is an urgent need for robust public dialogue, education and collective action.

Hear me decry the ‘for-it-or-against-it’ views on AI and why I embrace being called a Luddite - why? See image below and do read Jathan Sadowski's full article called "I’m a Luddite. You should be one too"

It's not all doom and gloom though. We also discuss the concept of "Inclusive Governance" - how AI techonlogies could be less harmful and more supportive of fundamental rights if management and labour governed the technolgoies together. TO this end we all need to capacity build so we can tap into the benefits of AI while avoiding harm. I end with what Kimberly calls with a "persuasive call for responsible regulation, radical transparency and widespread communication to combat collective ignorance"

Access the transcript of this episode here.

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