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Negotiating workers' data rights

Click below for an extended commentary of why we must begin to negotiate workers' data rights.


Companies/organisations increasingly collect, use, analyse, store and sell data and datasets. This occurs through the use of any (semi) autonomous digital system such as surveillance and monitoring tools, automated hiring systems, scheduling tools or robots.

The question is: what rights do workers and staff representatives have to this data, and the inferences made on them?

To give an idea of where unions could set in to strengthen workers data rights or where regulation needs to be improved, I have put together this figure: the data life cycle at work

As Professor Sandra Wachter so excellently explains in this long-read called the "Right to Reasonable Inferences" workers and citizens have very few, if any, rights over the inferences made on them. Her article is a must read, and establishes why - in my case - workers must negotiate for much stronger #datarights.

Use the figure below to get inspired to negotiate on the data lifecycle at work.

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