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Panel: Worker Insights & Charting a Better Path for Workplace AI

In Partnership on AI's webinar, "Worker Insights & Charting a Better Path for Workplace AI" on Wednesday, October 12, PAI's Research Scientist for the Shared Prosperity Initiative Stephanie Bell presented the results of an international study with workers on their experiences of AI, and opportunities to improve job quality and business outcomes by increasing worker voice and participation in the development and deployment of workplace AI.

In this panel debate, Dr Christina Colclough from The Why Not together with Dr. Laura Nurski (Research Fellow & Program Lead, Future of Work, Bruegel), were asked to comment on the study.

AI and Job Quality - Insights from Frontline Workers

The report is well worth a read. It highlights:

  • The way workplace AI’s organizational function and use, and the status of the workers using it—not its technology type—shapes outcomes for workers

  • The importance of inclusive governance and increasing worker voice in AI development and deployment, both for improved job quality for workers and business outcomes for employers

  • The common disconnects between technological needs perceived by AI creators and purchasers (e.g., senior company leadership), and the needs identified by frontline workers who use these technologies

  • The need for better public education, especially for workers and managers, on workplace AI systems and their potential impacts

  • The connections to current and proposed legislation related to AI & work (including the EU’s GDPR and AI Act), and recommendations for policymakers to take action on these issues.

Many of these insights mirror the Why Not lab's work with unions and the policy changes we recommend. Check what Colclough had to say at 33.33 minutes and forward.

Kick back and watch the video, but also do read Laura Nurski's newest paper:

"The impact of artificial intelligence on the nature and quality of jobs" - it is excellent.

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