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Podcast: The Rise of Robo Bosses

Feet up and have a listen to this "Reasons to be Cheerful" podcast by Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd on the "Rise of Robo-Bosses: reigning in algorithmic management"

Advances in technology are enabling new ways to monitor and manage people at work. How can we ensure workers don’t lose out from the rise of ‘algorithmic management’? Future of work expert Beth Gutelius tells us about a Californian law cracking down on issues in the warehouse industry. Then Anna Thomas from the Institute for the Future of Work and Mary Towers from the TUC talk us through the scale of the problem in the UK and what do to about it.

IIt's well worth a listen!


Mary Towers speaks about the potential for workers to collective their data and for the unions to develop apps to support them with that. In this part of the interview Mary mentions that workers could collect selftracking data, data on working hours, commute times, data on how long they have been on their feet during the day, how many breaks they have had, and lots more. All of that information could then be used to inform trade union campaigning fpr better terms and conditions at work. And that's WeClock!

Available on the Android Play store and Apple's Appstore...

See the WeClock introduction video here:

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