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Re.war.ding Work

Service Union United PAM hosted a workshop at the Imagine Untitled festival in Helsinki. Under the heading of the Future of Rewarding Work, PAM has committed to a 10-year union revitalising journey.


As co-founders of the Imagine Untitled festival, PAM is taking serious strides to reimagine the role of trade unions in a world that rewards the collective good. I am honored and proud to have offered my ideas and support along the way!

At their maxed out online workshop on September 17 participants were asked to role play in groups and reflect on what rewarding work would be each of their characters.

The Future of Unions

In the second breakout session, the groups were asked to discuss the role of unions in ensuring a world of Rewarding Work for all. What should unions be and do which they aren't and don't today?

Next steps

PAM will over the next 10 years unpack, build and renew to meet the dreams and aspirations of workers. They took an important first step at the Untitled Festival - a welcomed opportunity to throw all balls in the air and imagine a different, more sustainable future.

Hear an extract of the audio that kicked the workshop off above.

Listen to the full audio introduction here:

See transcript of audio here:

intro audio transcript
Download PDF • 40KB

It has been a pleasure working with the team at PAM. I am so thrilled of their courage to face the future with an open mind.


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