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Speech: New Regulation Needed

In this 15 minute speech at the Chilean Congreso Futuro held in January 2023, I suggest a number of regulatory policies needed to protect workers' rights in digitalised workplaces.

In the speech I make 3 main points:

  1. The current digital trajectory is leading to narrow, exclusive labour markets and violations on human rights

  2. Globally, regulation specific to digitalisation of labour markets and workers is poorly developed

  3. We need our governments to reprioritise labour

By offering examples of the harms workers are experiencing in digitalised workplaces, I end the speech by offering suggestions to what new - or revised - policies we need as well as why the current regulatory move towards regulating AI through certifications and standards is problematic.

Congreso Futuro

The congress: Without Real Limits is organised by the Chilean government. It welcomes scientists from across the world to offer their visions of what a universe of infinite possibilities would be like. The Congreso is open to the public across all 16 regions in Chile as well as live-streamed to over a million viewers.

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