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STOA study includes our work

The European Parliament's Panel for the Future of Science and Technology releases a thorough and insightful report "Data subjects, digital surveillance, AI and the future of work". Our Data Lifecycle at Work recommendations are included laying out where unions should set in to fill the gaps and greatly improve workers' data rights.


"This report provides an in-depth overview of the social, political and economic urgency in identifying what we call the ‘new surveillance workplace’. The report assesses the range of technologies that are being introduced to monitor, track and, ultimately, watch workers, and looks at the immense changes they imbue in several arenas. How are institutions responding to the widespread uptake of new tracking technologies in workplaces, from the office, to the contact centre, to the factory? What are the parameters to protect the privacy and other rights of workers, given the unprecedented and ever-pervasive functions of monitoring technologies?

The report evidences how and where new technologies are being implemented; looks at the impact that surveillance workspaces are having on the employment relationship and on workers themselves at the psychosocial level; and outlines the social, legal and institutional frameworks within which this is occurring, across the EU and beyond, ultimately arguing that more worker representation is necessary to protect the data rights of workers."

Read a few of the pages that include our work here;

Download full report here:

Download PDF • 1.49MB

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