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Turning the Tides

In this October 2021 speech for the Nordic Financial Unions, I lay out the current harms and impacts that workers are suffering due to algorithmic systems, and what unions could, and maybe should, do to turn the tides.

In the speech I suggest a number of recommendations, here are a few:

  • Beware of "over-trust"

  • Transparency requirements - All workers must have the right to know what systems employers plan to use, or use. Use the GDPR art 35 (DPIAs)

  • Dialogue and consultation - No impact assessment nor evaluation can be complete without the joint voices of employers and workers

  • Collective Bargaining - Must include the redlines, limitations, and agreed purposes of A.I systems and the underlying data/inferences.

  • Establish clear employer responsibility - Including mitigation, liability and redress.

See the video for all of the recommendations!

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