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Union Club Spotlights Data Ethics

FSU-DK's union club in Nordea have put their sharp spotlight on the bank's use of employee data. Together with the Why Not Lab and their union colleagues in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland they are putting Data Ethics on the agenda.

President of Nordea Union Board Mette Højby comments:

Employee's data rights is a topic that we are going to work more on in the coming months. The collection and use of data is here to stay, but transparency is important and that only the necessary data is saved. The employees must know what data about them Nordea is saving, for how long, and for what purposes. We must demand that this purposes are well founded.

Head of Secretariat Christine Asmussen continues:

We experience that Nordea is very focussed on customer data, how they are used and saved. The same considerations must be given to employee data.

Asmussen and Højby continue their reflections in the article by adding that new technology could be applied to really good purposes: a reduction of overtime, a fairer distribution of tasks, and a more balanced assessment of employee performance. But they caution that the very same technologies can be used to violate privacy rights.

Read their article (in Danish) here:

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