Taming the Algorithm - why workers need a voice on tech

Held as a TUC 2020 Congress fringe event, this webinar was guested by over 100 shop stewards, experts and unionists. Chaired by Prospect General Secretary Mike Clancy, listen up for Dr Lina Dencik's, Andrew Pakes' and my views on why workers need a seat at the table.  

Keywords: AiGovernance, Workers Data Rights, 

Data for Unions

In this webinar organised by Unions21, Andrew Pakes, Prospect and I speak about why what tools unions could use to boost (or begin) their data storytelling journey. 

Hear about:

And why unions must urgently work together to champion a new digital ethos that puts workers at is core

Keywords: Lighthouse, WeClock, Data Storytelling

Future of Work - data, AI & workers

In this recording, Andrew Pakes, Prospect and I speak about why workers should be involved in the governance of data-driven and data-generated systems at work.

Recorded at the Digital Leaders conference, we look at where workers fit into the future of work. Who are AI and new technology accountable to? And who decides?

Keywords: datalifecycle workersdatarights  AI

Economic Rights in a Data-Based Society

Organised by PSI, the global union for public services, IT for Change and FES this webinar discusses why our collective future depends on whether we can ensure broad sharing of digital data with due individual and group protection. 

Keywords: data trusts, collective data

Hurry Up Slowly

An online discussion hosted by the Singularity University on governing AI principles in practice, the potentials and challenges of data-driven systems and more!

Keywords: AI principles,  AIethics

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The Future of Skills

This workshop digs deep into the question of what skills will be needed in the digital world of work. We argue that far more focus needs to be put on competencies!

Keywords: Skills 

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This workshop presents our app WeClock. A privacy-preserving app deigned for workers by workers. Use it to get important insights into your conditions of work. Share the info and campaign for change!

Keywords: young workers lab, WeClock

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Workers Data Rights

This video is from a workshop I gave to UNI Global Union on the topic of Workers' Data Rights and why there is an urgent need to push for these through collective bargaining and/or regulation.

Keywords: workers data rights, data life cycle

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Trade Union Strategies
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Trade Union Strategies

This speech on "What's All This About Data" and trade union strategies offers quite a few surprises along the way. :-)

Recorded at the e-governance conference 2020 in Oslo.

Keywords: data life cycle, workers data rights

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Future of Work

This video is of a speech on the future of work delivered at the Swiss union Syndicom's congress in 2017. Watch it for a broad view overview of the challenges ahead of us.

Keywords: futureofwork, automation 


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