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One of the Why Not Lab's missions is to co-develop and deploy digital technologies that empower minority groups and safeguard human rights. Check out our privacy-preserving self-tracking app WeClock. Or the tool for good data governance Lighthouse. Or dive into our guides for ensuring worker empowerment in digitalised workplaces. 

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WeClock - the privacy-preserving self tracking app for workers


the app for workers by workers

WeClock offers a privacy-preserving way to empower workers and unions in their battle for decent work.
WeClock gives an indication of the present and changing natu­re of work by providing insight
about the: presence or absence of decent or fair work, working conditions, or work/life balance. Built with workers in mind, WeClock empowers change.


Check out the app's website here for more info and download links.


Worker Empowerment Guides

by the Why Not Lab

  1. Check out our Data Life Cycle at Work guide that will help you navigate the topics for bargaining for much stronger workers' data rights. A void left by inadequate regulations across the world. 

  2. Our Co-governance of Algorithmic Systems Guide buckets 19 questions into 7 different themes. Essential for getting a seat at the table and decision-power over the algorithmic systems in place at work. A check list of sorts, walk this guide and keep management responsible and liable for the systems they use. 


Online Tool for Good Data Governance

Given that WeClock will be a data-gathering tool for unions, we decided to work with a UK union Prospect, along with Digital Public and Small Scale, to develop Lighthouse – an online, privacy-preserving tool to help unions become stewards of good data governance.


Lighthouse takes the form of an online guide - or quiz - where those participating get to rate their methods and practices along a range of topics.

Use Lighthouse courtesy of Prospect here

A guide to good data governance
Connective Action Report

Digital Tools for Trade Unions 2019


As part of the Young Workers Lab project, we scanned the market for digital tools either built by trade unions or that could be an inspiration for trade unions. Our insights are available in our "Connective Action: Digital Tools for Trade Unions report."

Download the report here.


the crowd-sourcing platform

As work becomes more precarious, piecemeal and decentralised, we needed a communication tool that could reach all members, no matter where they were and when they worked. Thoughtexchange is that very tool! Read user stories from UNI Global's members and sectors here:

Contact Thoughtexchange here 

Image by Nicholas Green
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