See examples of the workshops we hold right here. Get inspired!  We can mould and combine them so they fit your needs. Our workshop series include practical exercises, good literature to read and lots and lots of valuable information to boost your digital demands.

  • What's all this about digitalisation?

    A critical introduction to the myths and realities of digitalisation. What's all this about digitalisation and how is it affecting our life and career opportunities?

  • Algorithms @ work

    Surveillance and monitoring systems are in sharp demand. What should workers demand to protect their human rights and stop the commodification of workers? 

  • Co-governing algorithms 

    Algorithmic systems at work must be governed. We have the model! Learn how to hold management responsible and accountable to the digital systems they are applying.

  • Rights, gaps - use & fill them

    Digital systems sometimes cut across existing laws and regulations. What are our legal rights, where are the gaps, and how should we fill them? 

  • Negotiate the data lifecycle

    Workers' collective data rights need improving across the world. We have developed the data lifecycle at work to illustrate key areas where unions and regulators must set in - and why!

  • The future of skills is competencies 

    Many future of skills debates neglect the key role of human competencies. This workshop puts these back on the agenda. Appraisal systems need improving to ensure diverse, inclusive labour markets!

  • Unions & data storytelling

    Use tech wisely and get access to new sources of data that you can use in your negotiations, campaigning and organising. Know what's available, and how you can tap into it responsibly

  • Organisational change

    Transforming your organisation requires changes on many fronts: cultural, strategic, leadership, tools, skills and more. We have the tools to guide you. Map the disruption and head for change 

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