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The Why Not Lab is run by Dr Christina J. Colclough - a fearless optimist who believes that change for good is possible if we put our minds and heart to it. She works with experts and partners across the world to provide the best advice at all times.
Regarded as a thought-leader on the futures of work(ers) and the politics of digital technology, Christina is an advocate for the workers’ voice. She has extensive
global labour movement experience, where she led their future of work policies, advocacy and strategies for a number of years. She was the author of the union movement's first principles on Workers' Data Rights and the Ethics of AI

A globally sought-after keynote speaker with over 120 speeches the last 3 years, Christina now supports a wide range of progressive governments and organisations in their digital transformation. She was named as one of the world's most influential women on the Ethics of AI in 2019.

Christina is Member of the Steering Committee of the Global Partnership on AI and she is a Member of the Advisory Board of Carnegie Council's new program: AI and Equality Initiative. She is additionally a member of the OECD One AI Expert Group, the UN's Secretary General Roadmap for Digital Cooperation and is affiliated to FAOS, the Employment Relations Research Center at Copenhagen University. 



John C. Havens 

E.D., IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous & Intelligent Systems & Council on Extended Intelligence.

In an environment where rhetoric often rules all, Christina provides hard-hitting yet pragmatic and solutions-oriented counsel on issues including the future of work, human autonomy, human rights, and technology governance in general.

She is my "go to" person on any issues related to AI and the future of work based on her specialized knowledge of worker's rights and actual global policy and economics relating to these issues versus only aspirational techno-utopian ideals. She is also a gifted and personable speaker, transforming highly nuanced and complex technical and political issues into conversational, story-oriented speeches.


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