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"Managerial fuzz"

A lack of clear division of responsibility, accountability and liability between managerial staff as algorithmic systems are deployed. Who knows what? Who governs what? Many harms to workers are caused by this lack of clarity.

- Dr Christina J. Colclough

The Why Not Lab

Equips workers and their unions with the right skills, know-how and know-what to shape an alternative digital ethos and ensure collective rights in the digital age;

Puts workers' interests centre stage in current and future digital policies;

Champions ALT. Digital

Championing ALT. Digital 


There is an urgent need to shape a new digital ethos and vastly improve workers' digital rights through collective bargaining and regulatory improvements. Work with us, Champion ALT. Digital and:

01 Build your digital capacity

So you are equipped with the know-what, know-why and know-how to put workers' rights firmly on the table


02 Create your digital ethics

What do good, empowering and privacy-preserving data and digital policies look like? Set those red lines!

03 Co-govern those systems

Apply our guide and open the space for the co-governance of algorithmic systems in workplaces. 


04 Transform your union

Want an organisation-wide coherent strategy? We have the framework to assist your union transformation 


05 Promote Worker's Data Rights

Bridge legal gaps and negotiate for much stronger collective data rights for workers. Use our model as a guide.

06 Apply data storytelling

Harness the power of new and emerging technologies and responsibly strengthen union campaigning 


07 Table the alternative

It really doesn't have to be like this. Define your digital ethos that puts people and planet before everything else

Find inspiration

The Hive is buzzing! Check what services we can offer you to champion digital change. Combine a speech, workshop, capacity building and union bargaining guides. Or pick one.

We create flexible, tailormade solutions that meet your needs. 

Blog & More

The Hub is the center for our opinions, reflections, research, reports and policies.

Find practical inspiration for what alternative strategies you could pursue to empower workers. Some of our speeches are here too.

Tools & Guides

Our digital tools and guides are a means to an end. We co-developed WeClock, a privacy-preserving app for workers, and Lighthouse a guide to good data governance. Also, check out our guides on workers' data rights and the governance of AI.  


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