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The Hub is the space for our articles, reports, speeches & podcasts. All about the futures of work, workers' data rights, AI & data governance, the future of skills, and much more. Some articles have extra audio commentary too!

Tech for Good

Workers can beneficially use tech to further a new digital ethos that empowers the voice of the many. We'vbe developed WeClock, the privacy-preserving self-tracking app, and Lighthouse - the guide to good data governance 

Watch & Listen

If you are on the lookout for a keynote speaker with a workers' twist, here we are. Check some of our previous speeches and podcasts here. They cover the futures of work, the politics of technology and offer concrete paths forward to responsible work for all


Turning the digital tides requires coordinated, collective action on many fronts.

The Hive is our action spot. Check what we can offer you to boost your digital savyness, help you put strong demands in place and to support your organisational change 

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Engage With the Why Not Lab

The Why Not Lab believes that digital technology must be governed collectively. We need to move away from individualism and embrace dialogue to ensure inclusive, diverse and empowering workplaces. 

Explore our collective actions in the Hive.

  • To govern collectively, we need to capacity build. 

  • Train and be trained so you can lead in your sector with confidence and concrete points of action

  • Get inspired by speeches and workshops on why unions and workers need a seat at the digital governance table and what your demands should be

  • Co-develop and negotiate for much stronger collective data rights

  • Harness the power of new and emerging technologies

  • Take the lead on future of work discussions by breaking the myths and offering concrete, innovative solutions

  • Create with your peers a new digital ethos that puts people and planet before everything else

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