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The Why Not Lab showcases the work I do to create rewarding work in an increasingly digital world. It focuses on our rights, the need for governance, and on how we, as workers, can shape intelligent systems.

I partner with organisations and governments who want to take concrete steps towards sustainable digital change in the labour market.

If you are looking for inspiration, ideas, or best practices in your digital transformation, I am here!

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Why the
Why Not Lab?

"You see things; and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'"

George Bernard Shaw

I love this quote from Shaw. I have never shied away from asking the difficult questions, challenged the status quo, and sought new solutions. As an eternal optimist who believes that organisations and systems can change for the better, I dare dream of fairer futures, and find practical ways to achieve them.  

This is my personal website. It provides an overview of my work concerning digitalisation's effect on work and workers. For a quick summary of my areas of expertise, check out the slides

below and read more about me in this short blurb.

The Why Not Lab is about more than just words; it is about experimentation and action. The Lab is focused on our rights, on the need for digital governance, and on how intelligent systems must be shaped by workers and their collectives. Overall, these solutions seek to balance out the enormous power asymmetry in the labour market.  Developing WeClock, a digital tool to empower workers by giving them greater control over their own data, is one example of my past work in this area.  

My aim? Digital technologies are changing our jobs, labour markets and how we work. We need to strive towards a new social contract and we need to move towards Rewarding Work for all.

This website is a non-exhaustive list of some of my work on these themes. You can watch speeches & workshops I have given, listen to some of the great podcasts I have participated in, and read articles about my policies and current projects.

I have added short narrations to some of the articles, where I explain the thinking a little more. Do take a listen. 

Read what others have to say about me in these testimonials. And have a glance at my reading list for inspiration.


I love collaborating for a better world! Let''s connect to see how :-)
Unionkit WeClock

Tech for Good

its all down to who has it...

So this is a passion of mine of dimensions. Tech for Good - tech is not evil, but its not necessarily good either. Its down to us to regulate tech so it serves people & planet, and especially gives voice to minority groups. Workers are but one of those groups.


We have developed WeClock -a tool for workers, by workers. Tap into the data stream, log your working day and campaign for change!



Click this space to read short and longer articles on key policy areas: AI & data governance,  workers' data rights, future of skills, and much more


 I have co-developed an app to give work a reality check: WeClock. Click below to read about it and see what other tools we deployed in the Young Workers Lab at UNI Global Union 

Watch & Listen

I have been fortunate to give many speeches across the world, and be part of podcasts on the future of work and the politics of technology.  Feet up & enjoy!

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