• Disrupted Asia - AI, data rights & futures of work

    Interviewed by FES in Asia for their podcast series Disrupted Asia. this podcast analyses the effects of digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence and data protection in the workplace.

    We talk about worker surveillance, the data lifecycle at work, algorithmic decision-making and union responses and ways forward for the labour movement in the Asia-Pacific region.

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  • A Brave New World of Work

    🎧 Podcast: Oct 20, 2020

    In this podcast, Dr Christina J. Colclough discusses with Simon Sapper what unions can, should and must do to safeguard their members in the digital world of work, and what’s likely to happen if they don’t!

    We tune in on the urgent need for union capacity building, for new negotiation strategies on the governance of AI and worker surveillance. 

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  • The Future of Work in Education

    Listen up for why Dr Christina Colclough cautions that the current unfettered digitalisation of education is a fundamental attack on human rights and what unions across the world should both do and demand to shape a safer, better and inclusive future of education. Recorded by Martin Henry from Education International - the Global Union for 32.5 million teachers and other education employees across the world.

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  • Empowering Workers in the Digital Future

    Companies increasingly use digital systems to hire, fire, and monitor their employees (read article here).

    But who is keeping employers in check? Former director at UNI Global, and one of the most influential thinkers in the ethics of AI, Dr Christina Colclough joins Azeem Azhar from Exponential View to explore how to ensure that the increasingly digital workplace of the near future protects workers.

  • Yours, mine and our data

    Recorded at a debate meeting at Kulturhuset in Oslo, Dr Christina Colclough takes the audience through an awareness raising journey on why we need to push for a new digital ethos that protects human rights, our right to be human, our data rights, democracies and more.

    This podcast is all about data...

    (starts in Norwegian but continues in English)

  • In Data We Trust?

    🎧 Podcast: Sep 9. 2019

    Element AI’s Marc-Etienne Ouimette spoke with some of those leading the charge around taking back control of our data and the notion of data trusts — or as Dr Christina Colclough also calls them "workers' data collectives'"

    - with Ed Santow, Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner, Neil Lawrence, Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Sheffield and Dr Christina Colclough.

  • The Robots Are Coming!

    🎧 Podcast: Jul 22, 2018

    Host Paul Dillon from the Office Block delves into one of the biggest topics facing people working in finance today. What are tech changes doing to our jobs? What will a future finance sector look like, as automation and digitalisation continue apace? What's all this about data and our rights? Featuring Dr Larry Stapleton, Dr Michelle O'Sullivan, Dr Lisa Wilson and Dr Christina Colclough

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  • Taming The Robots

    🎧 Podcast: May 6, 2018

    Are the fears for the future justified? How can we use this new technology to our benefit? There is no one better qualified or more articulate on this most pressing of subjects.

    In a heartfelt defence of the need for “human agency” in the industrial process, Dr Christina Colclough and Jonnie Penn set out not just why this is so important, but how we can make change happen.

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  • Digital Future of Work​

    🎧 Podcast: Dec 15, 2017

    Listen to this podcast where Dr Christina Colclough explains why unions need to fight for workers' data rights and protection in a time where digital change is upon us. We must ask whether data, big data, algorithms and AI are taking the human out of human resource management - and we must know what is needed to keep the balance of power in companies. The podcast is made by Kvinneperspektiv, Nina Hanssen from LO-Norway.


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